General Knowledge for SSC CGL 2016 Free Download pdf

General Knowledge for SSC CGL 2016 Free Download pdf General Knowledge for SSC CGL 2016 Daily GK Upadtes for staff selection commission free online test series and objective type gk questions with answers. Important gk questions for ssc and ibps. follow our daily current affairs.

Objective Type GK Questions with Answers Given Below

1.    Identify the Pulitzer Prize-winning composer for music for Variations for Orchestra who died on 4 February 2016.
a)    Virgil Thomson
b)    Ernst Toch
c)    Gian Carlo Menotti
d)    Leslie Bassett
2.    What was India’s rank in the United States Chamber of Commerce’s 2016 Intellectual Property Index that was announced on 10 February 2016?
a)    34
b)    35
c)    36
d)    37
3.    The Indian-origin lawyer who was appointed as the Vice-Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce Commission in February 2016?
a)    Ram Jethmalani
b)    Kapil Sibal
c)    Manish Tewari
d)    Davinder Singh
4.    Ministry of Railways on 11 February 2016 signed an MoU with which state government for the development of railway infrastructure in the state?
a)    Kerala
b)    Assam
c)    Telangana
d)    Andhra Pradesh
5.    Identify the Section of CrPC. The Supreme Court on 11 February 2016 upheld clampdown on access to mobile internet by States under the Section.
a)    Section 144
b)    Section 145
c)    Section 146
d)    Section 147
6.     Identify the Soviet footballer, the scorer of the first ever UEFA European Championship qualifying goal, who died on 10 February 2016 in Moscow, Russia.
a)    Oleg Blokhin
b)    Anatoli Ilyin
c)    Vagiz Khidiatulin
d)    Viktor Kolotov
7.    Where was the International Roma Conference held in February 2016?

a)    New Delhi
b)    Mumbai
c)    Paris
d)    Budapest

8.    Who was on 12 February 2016 appointed as the chairperson of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)?

a)    R K Pachauri
b)    B V Sreekantan
c)    Ashok Chawla
d)    Ajay Mathur

9.    Which city in West Asia hosted World Government Summit in the second week of February 2016?

a)    Dubai
b)    Abu Dhabi
c)    Kuwait City
d)    Doha

10. Name the Pakistani umpire who was banned for five years by the BCCI on corruption charges on 12 February 2016.

a)    Aleem Dar
b)    Ahsan Raza
c)    Zameer Haider
d)    Asad Rauf

    1.    D

2.    D

3.    D

4.    C

5.    A

      6.    B

7.    A

8.    C

9.    A

10. D

Geographical Discoveries in the World

1.    Recently urban development ministry has given its stamp of approval to the Heritage development projects of the following states ?
A.  Tamil Nadu & Telangana
B.  Andhra Pradesh & Punjab
C.  Maharashtra & Telangana
D.  Andhra Pradesh & Telangana
2.    Name the Pakistani leg-spinner who was suspended from cricket for three months by International Cricket Council (ICC) on 7 February 2016
A.    Yasir Shah
B.    Salman Butt
C.    Mohammad Asif
D.    Mohammad Amir
3.    Which organisation released the first machine harvestable chickpea variety, NBeG 47 in February 2016?
C.    UNO
D.    FAO
4.    The maiden Kerala Literature Festival was hosted in which of the following city ?
A.  Kannur
B.  Kozhikode
C.  Kochi
D.  Kottayam
5.    Which of the following Indian Pharmaceutical company has initiated an EMI scheme which will help cancer patients in their continuation of the treatment ?
A.  Biocon
B.  Sun Pharma
C.  Glenmark
D.  Lupin
6.    Who was appointed as the President of the newly formed International Grown Diamond Association in February 2016?
A.    Vishal Mehta
B.    Vishal Sikka
C.    Vishal Patel
D.    Vishal Khanna
7.    During the IPL player’s auction which of the following Indian player was the costliest with a bid of Rs 7 crore ?
A.  Virat Kohli
B.  MS Dhoni
C.  Yuvraj Singh
D.  Suresh Raine
8.    In order to abolish old laws relating land revenue and land reforms which of the following state govt launched a new revenue code ?
A.  Gujarat
B.  Haryana
C.  Uttar Pradesh
D.  Jharkhand
9.    As per NASA, its new rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), carrying 13 CubeSats and an uncrewed Orion Spacecraft will be launched in 
A.    2017
B.    2018
C.    2019
D.    2022
10. As per the latest data compiled by the Corporate Affairs Ministry, India has total of how many registered companies ?
A.  10 lakh
B.  15 lakh
C.  12 lakh
D.  13 lakh
1.    D

2.    A

3.    A

4.    B

5.    C

6.    A

7.    C

8.    C

9.    B

10. B

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