GK Questions for IBPS 2016 Objective Type General Knowledge

1. Who was appointed as the President and Managing Director of General Motors India?

a)    Arvind Saxena

b)    Stefan Jacoby

c)    Kaher Kazem

d)    Zuber Ahmed

e)    None of these

Answer : C


2. Name the bill that was passed by Rajya sabha provides for filing of cheque bounce cases at the place where a cheque is presented for clearance and not the place of issue?

a)    Negotiable Instruments Act Bill 2015

b)    The Banking laws Bill 2015

c)    The  Indian Stamp Bill,2015

d)    The Prevention of Money Laundering Bill,2015

e)    None of these

Answer : A


3. Which state becomes the first state of India to join UDAY Scheme?

a)    Jharkhand

b)    Andhra Pradesh

c)    Rajasthan

d)    Gujarat

e)    Punjab

Answer : B


4. Name the political coalition that won Venezuelan parliamentary election?

a)    Democratic Unity Roundtable

b)    United Socialist party of Venezuela

c)    Communist party of Venezuela

d)    Fatherland for all

e)    None of these

Answer : A


5. Pune and Rajkot became the interim franchises in Indian Premier League (IPL) till 2017. Name the company that owns Pune Franchise?

a)    New Rising

b)     Intex Mobiles

c)    Chettinad cements

d)    Axis Clinicals

e)    None of these

Answer : A


6. Vyachakurahalli village became first smokeless village in the country. Identify the state to which it belongs to?

a)    Karnataka

b)    Telengana

c)    Kerala

d)    Tamil Nadu

e)    Madhya Pradesh

Answer : A


7. The International Volunteer Day was observed on?

a)    Dec 2

b)    Dec 5

c)    Dec 3

d)    Dec 4

e)    Dec 7

Answer : B


8. When is the World Soil day Observed?

a)    Dec 2

b)    Dec 3

c)    Dec 4

d)    Dec 5

e)    Dec 7

Answer : D


9. Who is the current Union Environment Minister?

a)    Jayant Sinha

b)    Prakash Jawadekar

c)    Ananth Kumar

d)    Ananth Geete

e)    None of these

Answer : B


10. Which state launched the international Festival on Birds in a bid to promote state as an International bird watching destination?

a)    Bihar

b)    Delhi

c)    Uttar Pradesh

d)    Haryana

e)    Maharashtra

Answer : C



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