Important GK Questions for UPSC Download Free PDF 2016

1.       Who is the winner of the Right Livelihood Award 2015?

A.     Sheila Watt Cloutier

B.     John Mathews

C.     Elizabeth Hurley

D.    Jessica Bartich

Answer : A

2.      Name the state which has signed a deal with International Rice Research Institute to promote Climate resilient paddy?

A.     Uttar Pradesh

B.     Bihar

C.     Odisha

D.    Madhya Pradesh

Answer : C

3.      Who is the winner of the Wuhan Open Women’s Double Title?

A.     Maria Sharapova-Serena Williams

B.     Ana Ivanovic and Martina Navratilova

C.     Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis

D.    Caroline Wozniaci and Ana Ivanovic

Answer : C

4.      Who is the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award of the year in the Forbes India Leadership Awards 2015?

A.     Siddhartha Lal

B.     R C Bhargava

C.     Uday Shankar

D.    C P Gurnani

Answer : B

5.      Who has been named as the PGA Tour’s Player of 2015?

A.     Jordan Spieth

B.     Josh Scobee

C.     Tiger Woods

D.    Ian Poulter

Answer : A

6.      Which of the following state has launched the E-FIR System?

A.     Gujarat

B.     Odisha

C.     Himachal Pradesh

D.    Bihar

Answer : B

7.      Adani port and L&T has signed a MoU to supervise which of the following port operations?

A.     Katupalli shipyard

B.     Ennore Port

C.     Colachel seaport

D.    Nagapatnam port

Answer : A

8.     What is the name of the Google’s new parent company?

A.     Zagat

B.     Alphabet

C.     Google grants

D.    AdMob

Answer : B

9.      Which of the following state government has launched its citizen portal for the submission of complaints through online?

A.     Odisha

B.     Maharashtra

C.     Gujarat

D.    TamilNadu

Answer : A

10.  Project Loon is related to ________.

A.     Google

B.     Microsoft

C.     Apple

D.    Yahoo

Answer : A

11.   Who is the winner of the UK Crime Writer’s Association Gold Dagger Award 2015?

A.     Hercules Carben

B.     Michael Robotham

C.     Robert Crew

D.    John Droppler

Answer : B

12.  Which of the following city is hosting Indo-German Summit Digitising?

A.     Kolkata

B.     Mumbai

C.     Delhi

D.    Bangalore

Answer : D

13.  Three Scientist has been selected for the Nobel Prize for Medicine of the year 2015, Who among the following is NOT one them?

A.     William Campbell

B.     David Anderson

C.      Youyou Tu

D.    Satoshi Omura

Answer : B

14.  Sumit Issar has been appointed as the Managing Director of which of the following Company?

A.     Reliance

B.     Ford

C.     Mahindra

D.    Eicher

Answer : C

15.   Who is the winner of the Malaysia Open title which was held at Kuala Lumpur?

A.     Roger Federer

B.     Feliciano Lopez

C.     Andy Murray

D.    David Ferrer

Answer : D

16.  Which state government has imposed ‘drought tax’ which happened first time since 1973?

A.     Maharashtra

B.     Gujarat

C.     Odisha

D.    Andhra Pradesh

Answer : A

17.   Who has been appointed as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of twitter?

A.     Jack Dorsey

B.     Adam Bain

C.     Dick Costolo

D.    David Anderson

Answer : C

18.  Who has won the ShantiSwarupBhatnagar Prize in the field of chemical science?

A.     GovindswamyMugesh

B.     Dr. Kavirayani Ramakrishna Prasad

C.     Dr. Yamuna Krishnan

D.    Dr. PradyutGhosh

Answer : D

19.  Who Among the following author, wrote his cancer experience in his book Quicksand: What it means to Be a Human Being

A.     Denise Mina

B.     Ruth Rendell

C.     Henning Mankell

D.    James Ellory

Answer : C

20. Which of the following country launched its first typhoon detecting rocket?

A.     Germany

B.     India

C.     China

D.    Russia

Answer : C


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