The Mystery of Missing Malaysian Airlines Aircraft MH 370

With the latest confirmation by Australian search agency that the two pieces of aircraft debris found of the coast of South Africa in March 2016 and on the Rodriguez island (Mauritius) ,in April this year are indeed of the missing Malaysian airlines aircraft MH-370 ,which is suspected to have crashed somewhere in the Indian ocean on 8th March 2014 after it took off from Kaulalumpur (Malaysia) with 239 passengers on board for Beijing, the total count of debris parts altogether salvaged from the sea till date stands at five.

Since earmarking a total search area of 120,000 sq kms in the Southern Indian ocean bordering East Africa, South & South East Asia and Australia, the first confirmed success was reported from the French island of Reunion in southern Indian ocean where a single piece of debris of the ill-fated aircraft’s engine was found in July 2015.This was followed by the discovery of yet another two pieces of debris on the coast of Mozambique (Africa) ,early this year.


Presently, an Australian contracted survey ship MV Fugro is conducting the search operations in the Indian ocean and with 85% of the targeted area already been searched, the search team is optimistic of finally locating the crash site by July 2016.

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