TRON Light Cycle Power Run

Recently Disney’s CEO Bob Iger announced that when Disney’s newest theme park opens on 16 June 2016 at Shanghai (China) ,it would have among others a roller coaster ride called the ‘TRON Light Cycle Power Run’ which lets a rider get on a lifelike recreation of the light cycle vehicles seen in ‘TRON’ movie series.


Designed by Dutch Company Vekoma International , once aboard, riders lay on their stomachs, tilted slightly forward for the duration of the ride, The light cycles  look just like the ones featured in ‘Tron:Legacy’, with bright blue neon lights on the bike and around the perimeter of the ride itself. The ride starts off in the dark with only the ride’s blue hue illuminating the room. The computer generated imaginary makes it feel like riders are trapped inside the “Tron” film as they speed, dip and dive through a neon-lit tunnel at speeds of around 100 km.p.h.

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