How to crack SSC CGL 2016 Important Tips and Tricks

Many aspirants have wrong perception towards ssc exams and prepare accordingly which results into unhealthy results. Here I give keys to crack SSC Exams following these simple tricks.

  1. Analyse your strength since SSC has 4 sections that is Reasoning ability , Mathematics , English and General Science It s very hard to do well in all these sections so go with your strength first; attempt the section where you can do better then come to next best in this manner attempt the whole paper.
  2. Do not waste much time on any single question since every question carries 1 mark.
  3. Leave lengthy questions initially and after attempting paper if time permits come back to these questions.
  4. Analyse previous papers (General Science) since it has been seen that SSC comprises questions from same topics or issues.
  5. In english paper we commit mistakes while attempting cloze test and spotting errors . I advise to attempt these questions very carefully and commit less mistakes other sections are very easy to do.
  6. Maths section can only be attempted fully if we are very candid in this section 10 questions come from data interpretation and this part is very easy , do it first then come to your abilities since we are not very at all the chapters of the maths so go with your best first it can be percentage , average , algebra etc.
  7. In SSC exam Reasoning section is the scoring section and aspirants should do very good in this section this is only a mental exercise only coding decoding and matrix questions needs to be done carefully.
  8. Visit website daily for questions and current affairs.

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