Top 10 Most Horror movies in last 5 Years

10. Let Me In 


A coming of age that is unexpectedly and disorientingly sweet even while something terrifying and/or bloody is happening. Yes, it’s very similar to the first film adaptation of the same novel, but that doesn’t really matter when the final result is this good.

9. The Woman in Black


A lush Gothic haunted mansion story in the best classic tradition. Hammer Films had their finest revival entry by far with this gorgeously designed, atmospheric tale.

8. Troll Hunter


“Troll!!” Satirical without being a comedy, filled with terrific visual effects despite a low budget, and just flat-out wildly entertaining. It’s a big-monster movie with enough creepiness and carnage to qualify as “horror” for this list, but it’s also got terrific mythology and fantasy elements as well, and the fake documentary angle that is otherwise so overused in the genre never wears out its welcome here.

7. The Cabin in the Woods


This film includes samplings of just about every sort of horror filmmaking you can image. If the previous entry added some bloody good gore to this list, then get out  your mop for this one, because once the monsters get started, they never let up.

6. Oculus


Complex occult terror that devilishly throws us off balance in parallel stories past and present. Constantly forcing viewers to question and second-guess their expectations and perceptions, it delivers gory goods for those who think the rest of the list isn’t quite bloody enough.

5. It Follows


Whether perceived as a parable on the dangers of unprotected sex in the age of AIDS and pandemics, or a proclamation of reclaiming control of life and sexuality amid those sorts of dangers, or even as more about broader concepts of simultaneous risks of intimacy and isolation in the modern hyper-connected world, it’s undeniably great film making.

4. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night


Sensual shades of black and gray mingle to a hip western score for a vampire romance by way of Dead Man and Rumble Fish.

3. The Conjuring


Supposedly based on a true story (but of course, none of it is seriously true), it’s old-school haunted house cinema extraordinaire. There is an instant timelessness to the proceedings, and a visual texture that is John R. Leonetti’s career-best.

2. The Babadook


Budgeted at a low $2 million, the film pulled nearly $7 million in theaters and garnered widespread acclaim as one of the greatest modern horror releases.

1. Sinister


This film has been on my top horror lists since its release, and it’s slowly made its way higher with each viewing. Now, it finally sits where it was destined to, asthe most terrifying, disturbing, well-acted, perfectly paced horror film not just of the last five years but of the last decade.

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