Chemistry Objective Type Questions and Answers

1.       Who is regarded as father of modern chemistry ?

A.    Ruterford

B.    Einstein

C.    Lavoisier

D.   C.V. Raman

Answer : C

2.      The term PVC used in the plastic industry stands for

A.    polyvinyl chloride

B.    polyvinyl carbobate

C.    phosphor vanadiu chloride

D.   phosphavinyl chloride

Answer : A

3.      What among following is used to produce artificial rain ?

A.    copper oxide

B.    carbon monoxide

C.    silver iodide

D.   silver nitrate

Answer : C

4.      What nucleus of atom contains ?

A.    protons

B.    electrons

C.    electrons and protons

D.   protons and neutrons

Answer : D

5.      Human bone does not contain

A.    calcium

B.    carbon

C.    oxygen

D.   phosphorous

Answer : C

6.      Air contains maximum amount of

A.    oxygen

B.    nitrogen

C.    hydrogen

D.   carbon dioxide

Answer : B

7.      Oil of vitriol is

A.    nitric acid

B.    sulphuric acid

C.    hydrochloric acid

D.   phosphoric acid

 Answer : B

8.     Which metal is heaviest ?

A.    osmium

B.    mercury

C.    iron

D.   nickle

Answer : B

9.      Who proposed first atomic theory ?

A.    E.Rutherford

B.    De Broglie

C.    John Dalton

D.   D.I.Mendeleef

Answer : C

10.  Bleaching action of chlorine is by

A.    decomposition

B.    hydrolysis

C.    reduction

D.   oxidation

Answer : A


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