General English Sentence Correction Rules for Competitive Exams

Rule No. 6 : If we use little , a little , the little , much in any sentence then singular verb will be used.

Ex. : Much has been done. (Right)

Much have been done (Wrong)

Little is known about this man. (Right)

Little are known about this man.(Wrong)


Rule No. 7 : “There” is used as a Introductory Subject. The verb used in these sentences is depends on the number of noun or pronoun and person.

Ex.  There is a pen on the table. (Right)

There are five pens on the table (Right)

There is nothing to do. (Right)

Note : if we use pair words just after “There”  then we will always use singular verb.

Ex. There is rice and curry for dinner. (Right)

There are rice and curry for dinner. (Wrong)

There is bread and butter for breakfast. (Right)

There are bread and butter for breakfast. (Wrong)


Rule No. 8 : Many /A great many/ A good many used for uncountable things and here we will use plural verb.

Ex. Many students have passed. (Right)

Many students has passed. (Wrong)

Many of the criminals were arrested. (Right)

Many of the criminals was arrested. (Wrong)


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