Complete Information about All India Sainik Schools

  • Preparing Cadets for NDA: Ensuring a steady flow of motivated and trained young boys to join the armed forces.

  • Overall Development: Promoting overall development including academics, discipline, physical fitness, and leadership qualities.

  • National Integration: Fostering a sense of national integration among students from diverse backgrounds.

Complete Information about All India Sainik Schools
Q. What is the primary objective of Sainik Schools?

Ans. The primary objective is to prepare students for entry into the National Defence Academy and other officer training academies of the Indian Armed Forces.

Q. What is the admission process for Sainik Schools?

Ans. The admission process involves an entrance exam (AISSEE), followed by a medical examination and an interview.

Q. What curriculum do Sainik Schools follow?

Ans. Sainik Schools follow the CBSE curriculum with a strong emphasis on physical training, military training, and extracurricular activities

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