GK Questions for Competitive Exams Chapter 4

1.       In the Battle of Wandiwash, the English defeated

A.      the Dutch

B.      the French

C.      the Portuguese

D.      None of these

Answer : B

2.       Indian Navy Act was passed on

A.      1921

B.      1925

C.      1927

D.      1930

Answer : C

3.       The first president of the Republic of India was

A.      V.V.Giri

B.      Zakir Hussain

C.      Dr.Radhakrishnan

D.      Dr.Rajendra Prasad

Answer : D

4.       The first ruler of Pala dynasty was

A.      Gopala

B.      Dharmapala

C.      Bhaskaravarman

D.      None of these

Answer : A

5.       The first to establish regular trade with India was

A.      Dutch

B.      Portuguese

C.      French

D.      English

Answer : B

6.       The king of Kalinga in the Maurya period was

A.      Simuka

B.      Kharavela

C.      Kuvishka

D.      Kanishka

Answer : B

7.       Sea route in India was discovered by

A.      Columbus

B.      Amundsen

C.      Vasco–da–gama

D.      None of these

Answer : C

8.       The treaty of Seringapatnam was between Cornwallis and

A.      Haider Ali

B.      Chand Bibi

C.      Tipu Sultan

D.      Nizam of Hyderabad

Answer : C

9.       The Mauryan dynasty was overthrown by

A.      Kanishka

B.      Harsha

C.      Samudragupta

D.      Pushyamitra Sunga

Answer : D

10.   Who among the following was not an exponent of Bhakti movement ?

A.      Shankaracharya

B.      Nanak

C.      Ramanada

D.      Kabir

Answer : A

11.   The Bhakti Movement was first organized by

A.      Nanak

B.      Kabir

C.      Ramanuja

D.      Ramananda

Answer : C

12.   An example of Chola architecture cab be seen at

A.      Kanchipuram

B.      Mahabalipuram

C.      Tanjore

D.      Ellora

Answer : C

13.   Panchantra was written by

A.      Kaladisa

B.      Vishnu Sharma

C.      Tulsidas

D.      Banabhatta

Answer : B

14.   Decimal system was introduced by

A.      Aryabhatta

B.      Brahmagupta

C.      Bhaskara

D.      None of these

Answer : C

15.   Who is known as the “Napoleon of India”?

A.      Samudragupta

B.      Akbar

C.      Chandragupta

D.      Ashoka

Answer : A

16.   Who was the founder of the Gupta dynasty?

A.      Chandragupta I

B.      Chandragupta II

C.      Samudragupta

D.      Skandgupta

Answer : A

17.   Who was the greatest Buddhist commentator of the Buddhist canonical literature?

A.      Euddhaghosha

B.      Vasumitra

C.      Nagaijuna

D.      Ashvaghosha

Answer : D

18.   The stone Age people had the first domestic

A.      Asses

B.      Dogs

C.      Horses

D.      Sheep

Answer : D

19.   The Government invention of man in Palaeolithic Age was

A.      potter’s Wheel

B.      Fire

C.      metal implements

D.      spinning of cloth

Answer : B

20.   Which was the first metal used by man?

A.      Copper

B.      Silver

C.      Bronze

D.      Brass

Answer : A

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