Exercise Cyber Suraksha 2024

Exercise Cyber Suraksha 2024

Importance of Exercise Cyber Suraksha 2024

Objectives of Exercise Cyber Suraksha 2024

Key Components of Exercise Cyber Suraksha 2024

Impact on National Security



Q. What is the primary objective of the Cyber Suraksha military exercise?

Ans. The primary objective is to enhance the cybersecurity capabilities of the Indian Armed Forces through training, testing defense mechanisms, and developing cybersecurity policies.

Q. How does Cyber Suraksha improve cyber defense capabilities?

Ans. The exercise improves cyber defense capabilities by providing hands-on training, simulating real-world cyber attacks, and conducting Red Team-Blue Team exercises to identify vulnerabilities and test defensive measures.

Q. Why is interagency coordination important in Cyber Suraksha?

Ans. Interagency coordination is important because cybersecurity requires collaboration among various government agencies, private sector entities, and international partners. This ensures a unified approach to national cybersecurity.

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