UP TET General Knowledge Objective type Questions with Answers

1.       The famous king of the Kushana dynasty was

A.      Pushya

B.      Kanishka

C.      Harisha Vardhana

D.      Kuvishka


2.       In 1498, vasco da gama landed at

A.      Delhi

B.      Nalanda

C.      Calcutta

D.      Calicut


3.       Indus valley civilization might have been destroyed by

A.      Mughals

B.      Aryans

C.      Mongols

D.      Dravidians


4.       The Indus Valley houses were built of

A.      Bamboos

B.      Wood

C.      Bricks

D.      Stone


5.       The French made their advent through

A.      Mahe

B.      Yenam

C.      Karaikal

D.      Pondicherry


6.       The last Mughal Emperor was

A.      Akbar

B.      Babur

C.      Bahadur Shah

D.      Noor Jehan


7.       The first wave of Aryan immigration into India began in

A.      500 BC

B.      1000 BC

C.      1500 BC

D.      1000 BC


8.       Aryans lived in

A.      Maharashtra

B.      South India

C.      Central India

D.      Gangetic Valley


9.       The brain trust of Chandra Gupta Maurya was

A.      Fahien

B.      Megasthanes

C.      Nandagopala

D.      Kautilya


10.   The musical instruments used by the Aryans was

A.      The Drum

B.      The Lute

C.      The cymbal

D.      All the above


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