GK Questions and Answers Set – 3

1.      Name the person who got additional charges as the Governor of Manipur?

A.     C Ragurajan

B.     S K Bansal

C.     V. Shanmuganathan

D.    Lincy Thoma

Answer : C

2.     Lakhwar Multi-Purpose Project is related to which state?

A.     Uttarkhand

B.     Assam

C.     Bihar

D.    Madhya Pradesh

Answer : A

3.     Maharashtra government has declared ______ as the “Visit Maharashtra Year”?

A.     2017

B.     2018

C.     2019

D.    2020

Answer : A

4.     MITRA SHAKTI 2015 is the joint Military Exercise between which of the following countries?

A.     China and Pakistan

B.     India and Sri Lanka

C.     India and Nepal

D.    Sri Lanka and China

Answer : B

5.     Name the city which is hosting the first Indo-African ICT Expo?

A.     Mumbai

B.     Durban

C.     Nairobi

D.    Delhi

Answer : C

6.     Name the Indian Company which has been selected as the member of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index?

A.     Reliance

B.     Infosys

C.     TCS

D.    Wipro

Answer : D

7.     What is the Theme of the World Heart Day 2015, which was observed on 29th September?

A.     Creating Heart-Healthy Environments

B.     Good Heart-Good Health

C.     Keep Your Heart Healthy

D.    Heart Beats, Life Beats

Answer : A

8.    What is the name of the Super-Typhoon which hit Taiwan recently?

A.     Pytlon

B.     Vegon

C.     Dujuan

D.    Suzlon

Answer : C

9.     Which company has decided to invest $150 million for the Indian Startups?

A.     Qualcomm

B.     Yahoo

C.     Google

D.    Microsoft

Answer : A

10. Lakhwar Hydro Electricity Project is built on which of the following river?

A.     Satluj

B.     Yamuna

C.     Krishna

D.    Ganga

Answer : B

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