General knowledge objective type questions chapter-3

1.       In which language were the Sangam classics written?

A.      Tamil

B.      Telugu

C.      Kannada

D.      Malayalam

Answer : A

2.       Which one of the following divinity of Rigveda?

A.      Marut

B.      Agni

C.      Agni

D.      Varuna

Answer : D

3.       The Indus valley civilization flourished during

A.      5000 – 3500

B.      3000 – 1500 B.C

C.      2500 – 1750 B.C

D.      1500 – 500 B.C

Answer : C

4.       The Indus valley civilization was discovered in

A.      1902

B.      1921

C.      1922

D.      1932

Answer : B

5.       The main occupation of the people of the Indus valley civilization was

A.      Agriculture

B.      cattle rearing

C.      hunting

D.      trade

Answer : A

6.       Which one of the following Harappan sites had a dock?

A.      Harappa

B.      Mohenjodaro

C.      Lothal

D.      Alamgirpur

Answer : C

7.       Which one of the following contains the Gayatri Mantra?

A.      Rigveda

B.      Yajurveda

C.      Upanishad

D.      Samaveda

Answer : A

8.       The extreme form of Ahimsa or non violence is practiced in

A.      Jainism

B.      Hinduism

C.      Buddhism

D.      Sikhism

Answer : C

9.       The Aryans at first settled in

A.      Gujarat

B.      Punjab

C.      Sindh

D.      Kashmir

Answer : B

10.   Rabi crops of the Indus Valley are

A.      Rice and wheat

B.      Wheat and cotton

C.      Barley and rice

D.      Wheat and Barley

Answer : D

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