GK Questions with Answers for Competitive Exams

1.      Which of the following country belongs as the top source of FDI into India during the first half of the current fiscal?

A.     Germany

B.     Singapore

C.     Mauritius

D.    Malaysia

Answer : B


2.     Union Government has released _______ and _______ coins on Dr B R Ambedkar as part of the 125th birth anniversary year celebration of the architecture of Indian Constitution.

A.     100 rupee and 125 rupee

B.     50 rupee and 100 rupee

C.     10 rupee and 125 rupee

D.    100 rupee and 500 rupee

Answer : C


3.     Which of the following has launched $500 million Transformative Carbon Asset Facility (TCAF) to boost Climate Change Action?

A.     World Bank

B.     WHO

C.     WTO

D.    United Nations

Answer : A


4.     Union Railway Minister has recently flagged off the first fully air-conditioned double-decker train between _____ and _______.

A.     Delhi and Agra

B.     Pune and Mumbai

C.     Mumbai and Thane

D.    Goa and Mumbai

Answer : D


5.     Which is the first oil company from India that has joined the Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 initiative of the World Bank?

A.     IBP

B.     GAIL India

C.     IOCL

D.    ONGC

Answer : D


6.     Lok Sabha has introduced the Atomic Energy (Amendment) Bill, 2015 which seeks to amend the previous Atomic Energy Act, _______.

A.     1962

B.     1972

C.     1974

D.    1964

Answer : A


7.     Which is the India’s first state to allow its MLAs to raise online questions?

A.     Punjab

B.     Maharashtra

C.     Bihar

D.    Gujarat

Answer : B


8.    National Security Advisor (NSA) level talks between India and Pakistan were held at _________.

A.     Kuala Lumpur

B.     Bangkok

C.     Jakarta

D.    Manila

Answer : B

9.     According to Brickwork report, which of the following state’s economy is biggest in India in FY 2014-15?

A.     Rajasthan

B.     Maharashtra

C.     Gujarat

D.    Bihar

Answer : B


10.Which state government has launched the “Clean UP, Green UP” initiative which was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records?

A.     Kerala

B.     Maharashtra

C.     Madhya Pradesh

D.    Uttar Pradesh

Answer : D




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