Military Exercise Shakti 2024: India-France Joint Military Exercise

Joint Military Exercise Shakti 2024

Importance of Military Exercise Shakti 2024

Enhancing Interoperability

Strengthening Defense Ties

Focus on Counter-Terrorism

Objectives of the Shakti Exercise

Joint Operational Training

Exchange of Expertise

Building Mutual Trust

Key Components of Military Exercise Shakti 2024

High-Altitude Warfare

Counter-Terrorism Drills

Urban Warfare Training

Impact on Bilateral Relations and Regional Security

Enhanced Military Cooperation

Strategic Partnership

Operational Readiness



Q. What is the primary objective of the Shakti military exercise?

Ans. The primary objective is to enhance the interoperability and operational capabilities of the Indian and French armed forces through joint training and tactical drills.

Q. How does Shakti strengthen defense ties between India and France?

Ans. Shakti strengthens defense ties by fostering mutual understanding and trust through regular joint exercises and collaboration on various military tactics and strategies.

Q. Why is counter-terrorism a focus area in the Shakti exercise?

Ans. Counter-terrorism is a focus area because both India and France face significant threats from terrorist organizations. Joint counter-terrorism drills help enhance their capabilities to combat these threats effectively.

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