Nickname of Famous Places in India (Sobriquets)

Nick Name Orignal Name
All Seasons State Himachal Pradesh
Blue Mountains Nilgiri
City of Palaces Calcutta
City of Golden Temple Amritsar
Garden City of India Bangalore
Gateway of India Mumbai
Granary of India Punjab
Land of Five Rivers Punjab
Pearl of the Orient Goa
Pink City Jaipur
Lake City Udaipur
Switzerland of India Kashmir
Paradise on Earth Kashmir
Mini-Switzerland in India Khajjar (Himachal)
Sorrow of Bengal River Damodar
Sorrow of Bihar River Kosi
Sorrow of Assam Brahmaputra
Spice Garden of India Kerala
Sugar Bowl of India Uttar Pradesh
Tea Garden of India Assam
Detroit of India Pitampur
Land of Sunrise in India Arunachal Pradesh
Hi-Tech City Hyderabad
Manchester of South India Coimbatore
Manchestor of India Ahamadabad
Mini Switzerland Himachal Pradesh
City of orange Nagpur
Weavers city of India Panipat
Silicon vally of India Banglore
Clouds of house Megalaya
Gods own land of India Kerala
City of Padala Jaipur
Holly wood of India Mumbai
Silent Share Hadakh
Perly East Goa


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