Terms associate with Sports Terminology



1. Badminton Drop, Smash, Ione, deuce, Clash Service
 2. Baseball unting, home, pitcher , strike, put out
3. Basketball  Block, dribble , pivot , held ball, basket
4. Billiards Cue, Cannon, frame, spider, baulk
5. Boxing   Rounds, knock-out , jab, punch, uppercut
6. Chess Gambit, resign, checkmate, rook, knight, pawn
7. Cricket  Maiden, caught, slips, gully, point, cover, yorker
8. Football  Penalty , foul, dribble, half, pass, goal
9. Golf Course, links, tee, hole, nibble, club, putt, iron, eagle
10. Hockey Centre, defender, push-in, free-hit, stick, carry, bully
11. Horse  racing – Bets, bookies, jockey, punter, steeplechase
12. Polo  Mallet, bunker, chucker, handicap, goal
13. Shooting Bag, Bulls eye, plug, skeet, marksmanship
14. Tennis  Smash , slice, lob, set, ace, volley
15. Volleyball Blocking, heave, point, serve, doubling, smash


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