7 Unconventional Ways to Make Money


Almost everyone has heard of Pewdiepie, the YouTuber whose a millionaire because of his game reviews. What if we told you that making that extra incoming on doing what you love is not such a far-fetched concept?

Here’s a list of some avenues that can help you make that extra buck. But, remember to make the best use of your passive income.

It could be your ray of sunshine and help you in managing your money when drowning in debts.

  1. Blogging1EHTbn-135U-250x200

Do you have a good understanding of any subject topic and a flair for writing? Then blogging is for you. Create a blog on a specific subject, say cricket, and write all about it. Income from the blog is basically correlated to the number of hits on the blog. If the blog is considerably successful, the blogger can get income through advertisements and offers for paid posts. The higher the traffic the higher the income. Even when one stops writing on the blog, the revenue could continue for one to two years.

  1. Earn through Hobbies

When Asha and her sister decided to post their terracotta artifacts on Facebook, little did they know that they were entering a virtual world market. Hundreds of artefacts they created from their school days were put up for sale on the internet and got sold out in a few months. This is a striking example. If you have hobbies such as painting, art work, embroidery, designing clothes, among others, the virtual world can help you make some quick bucks through social media, websites or market places. The income will depend on the ‘quality’ of your hobby.

  1. Money through Online Surveys

What if you get paid for clicking a few boxes, giving your opinion on whether instant food is good or bad? Cool, isn’t it? Market researchers always collate data and opinions on many such subjects and they are more than happy to pay you for participating in online surveys. These may not be very lucrative but one can get Rs 50 to Rs 75 per survey. Certain websites offering online surveys may charge a one-time nominal fee.

  1. Making Your Vehicle a Billboard

You could get paid for driving around town as usual; only with an advertisement on your car. Usually 60% of your car will be covered by the advertisement and the vehicle should cover a minimum distance of 1,500 kms per month, which will be monitored through GPS fitted in the car. If you have a long drive to work and back on a daily basis, this could be the reason to feel better about the commute.

  1. Selling Expertise

Are you an expert in any field? Then sell it online. If you have good pedagogic skills, then online tutoring is a good option. An hourly lecture on science, math or music can fetch you Rs 500 to Rs 1,000, depending on your experience and knowledge of the subject. Even accounting and tax consultants can offer their online services to clients. The cost-cutting measure of a corporate to rope in online consultant can help you earn some extra income.  Or you could create an app and list it on the internet. It could be the right time to get on the bandwagon.

  1. Selling and Buying Domains

Domain names are selling like hot cakes in the current tech-centric world. Buying a domain name that can become popular in the future is the best way of reaping rich dividends. One can buy domains from websites such as Godaddy.com and Sedo, and later, in order to attract potential buyers, the domains can be flashed on the internet. But, you will have to guard against copyright and trademark violations.

  1. Money-spinning Video Game Reviews

Video games are more than just a past time for some people. What if you get an opportunity to play the game and get paid to review it? Really interesting isn’t? Every day thousands of video games are being churned out and the companies need to sell them. That’s where you come into the picture, if you have an eye for detail and some writing skills. Have fun playing the game and then list out the important features of the game and what stands out. One can earn Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000 per review and the rates can go up depending on the traffic you generate for the review.

There are millions of tales of such smart money movers.

The initial work is imperative, but later, your bank accounts will get regular paisa. We really hope you’re the next blogging or YouTube sensation.

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