Present Continuous Tense English Grammar in Hindi Present Tenses

Present Continous is used to describe actions in the current time that have not been completed.
Present Continous (अपूर्ण वर्तमान) का उपयोग वर्तमान काल के उन गतिविधियों के विवरण किया जाता है जो पूरे नहीं हुऐ हैं.

Verbs Used : Is , Are and Am

यह वाक्य बताता है कि मैं चल रहा हूँ – यह वर्तमान में हो रही एक हरकत का विवरण है. यहाँ am walking इन दोनो शब्दों को मिला कर वर्ब बना है.
Here the tense is formed by two word – am walking. It indicates that even as the statement is made I continue to walk.

Examples :

He is speaking.
He is not speaking.
Is he speaking?

Key Points : 

  • action taking place in the moment of speaking
  • action taking place only for a limited period of time
  • action arranged for the future

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