Present Indefinite Tense English Grammar in Hindi

Verb Used  : Do , Does

Present Indefinite (सामान्य वर्तमान) का उपयोग साधारण सत्य और आदतन हरकतओं का वरणन करने के लिये किया जाता है.


  • walk.
  • You walk on the street
  • Sachin does not Play football.
यह वाक्य बताता है कि मैं चलता हूँ – यह एक आदतन हरकत का विवरण है. इससे यह पता नहीं चलता है कि मैं अभी चल रहा हूँ या नहीं.
This is an indefinite statement – it talks of a general truth that I walk, something of a habit. It does not clarify on the current status of my walking.

Do and Does are used in Negative Sentences and Question .

For Example : Does he speak ?

He does not play cricket.

Key pints :

  • action in the present taking place once, never or several times
  • facts
  • actions taking place one after another
  • action set by a timetable or schedule

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