Blood Relations and Important Questions on Blood Relations for Competitive Exams

Husband of Mother Father
Wife of Father Mother
Father or Mother’s Son Brother
Father or Mother’s Daughter Sister
Father or Mother’s Brother Uncle
Father or Mother’s Sister Aunt
Father or Mother’s Father Grandfather
Father of Father or Mother Grandfather
Father of Grandfather or Grandmother Great Grandfather
Mother of Father or Mother Grandmother
Father or Mother’s Mother Grandmother
Mother of Grandfather or Grandmother Great Grandmother
Husband’s or Wife’s Sister Sister-in-law
Son’s Wife Daughter-in-law
Brother’s or Sister’s Son Nephew
Brother’s Daughter Niece
Aunt’s or Uncle’s Son or Daughter Cousin
Sister’s Husband Brother-in-Law
Brother’s Wife Sister-in-law
Grandfather’s or Grandmother’s Son Father or Uncle
Uncle’s Wife Aunt
Daughter’s Husband Son-in-Law

Questions On Blood Relations For Competitive Exams

1.    Pointing to men, Sai said that, “His only brother is the father of my daughter’s father. How is the men related to Sai??

A)    Grandfather

B)    B) Uncle

C)    C) Father

D)    D) Brother-in-Law

Answer: Uncle


2.    Introducing a man, a woman said that, his wife is the only daughter of my father”. How is this women related to men?

A) Husband

B) Brother

C) Father-in-Law

D) Brother-in-Law

Answer: Husband


3.    Pointing to the women in the photograph, bhavya said, she is the sister of the father of my mother’s son. Then who is the women to bhavya?

A) Sister

B) Aunt

C) Sister-in-Law

D) Mother

Answer: Aunt

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