Computer related basic questions for competitive exams

1. Compact Disc (CD) invented by: James T. Russell

2. CPU stands for: Central Processing Unit

3. Name the first Supercomputer in the world: The CDC 6600, released in 1964, is generally

considered as the first supercomputer.

4. Computer Programming Language ‘C’ introduced by: Dennis Ritchie

5. First Cyber police station established in India was at: Bangalore

6. RAM stands for: Random Access Memory

7. Father of Computer Science is: Alan Turing

8. WAP stands for: Wireless Application Protocol

9. Father of supercomputer is: Seymour Cray

10. Internet controlling in India is by: Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd

More about Computer

-> Bit is the smallest memory unit.

-> Geop Byte is the highest memory unit.

-> Flip flop is the smallest memory device.

-> Cache memory is the fastest memory of Computer.

-> Pen Drive and external hard disk are the slowest memory of computer.

-> CD (Compact Disk) is the cheapest memory devices.

-> Register is a set of Flip-Flops

-> A shift Register organized to allow to move left or right operations.

-> RAM and Cache are the example of Primary memory

-> Secondary storage devices referred as external memory and auxiliary storage, secondary


-> Secondary storage stores the information or data until it is deleted or overwritten.

-> Offline Storage is described as any storage that is removable and cannot be accessed by

the computer once removed.

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