General Knowledge Quiz for SSC CGL 2020 Set 10

  1. Who is Chilukoti Kashi Viswanath?

a) Tamil Actor

b) Malayalam Actor

c) Kannada Actor

d) Telugu Actor

Answer : D


2. Which of the following Indian IT giants has acquired the Viteos Group for $130 million?

a) HCL

b) Infosys

c) Wipro

d) TCS

Answer : C


3. Who has been appointed as the India’s High Commissioner to Pakistan?

a) Surjit Singh Majithia

b) Gautam H Bambawale

c) P S Raghavan

d) Mohd Najib Bin

Answer : B


4. Name the Indian American who was selected for the US National Medal of Science 2015?

a) Rakesh K Jain

b) Anant Agarwal

c) Vijay Govindarajan

d) Pulickel M Ajayan

Answer : B


5. Name the India’s first indigenously designed and built warship which was decommissioned recently?

a) INS Valsura

b) INS Vikrant

c) INS Vikramaditya

d) INS Godavari

Answer : D


6. Which of the following state has recently banned the usage of 15 years old diesel vehicles in its capital in order to control the pollution?

a) Bihar

b) Gujarat

c) Maharashtra

d) Uttar Pradesh

Answer : A


7. Which of the following has recently released the World Oil Outlook?




d) OMV

Answer : A


8. Reserve Bank of India has extended the deadline to exchange the pre-2005 notes up to ________.

a) 31st August 2016

b) 30th June 2016

c) 31st May 2016

d) 31st July 2016

Answer : B


9. Salma Dam is located at _________.

a) Afghanistan

b) Pakistan

c) Nepal

d) Bangaldesh

Answer : A


10. Who has been named as the ICC Cricketer of the Year for 2015?

a) Faf Du Plessis

b) AB de Villiers

c) Steve Smith

d) MS Dhoni

Answer : C


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