Time and Work Questions and Answers Objective type Questions

Question 1). Consider that A and B two person can finish a task in 4 days. Now if the person “A” can finish that task in total 12 days alone, you have to find out that in how many days person “B” can alone complete that task?A. 4 days

B. 5 days

C. 6 days

D. 7 days

Answer: Option C

Question 2).  Person “A” complete a task in 10 days & a second person named as  “B” perform that task in 15 days. Now you have to find out that in how many days they together finish that same work?A. 5 days

B. 6 days

C. 7 days

D. 8 days

Answer: Option B

Question 3). We have a person named as “A” who is 2 time faster than person B. When together they work finish a piece of work in 18 days. Now you have to find out in how many days will B can finish that piece of work alone?A. 27 days

B. 54 days

C. 56 days

D. 68 days

Answer: Option B

Question 4). If a person named as “A” can finish a work in total 18 days & another person named as “B” can perform the same work in half the time taken by A. then working together, what part of same work they can finish in a day ?A. 1\5

B. 1\6

C. 1\7

D. 1\8

Answer: Option B

Question 5). To finish a piece of work the workmen “A” and “B” takes 8 days while the workmen “B” and “C” takes 12 days and if three of them A,B and C work together than they takes 6 days. How much time will A and C tak to finish the same work?A. 24 days

B. 16 days

C. 12 days

D. 8 days

Answer: Option D

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