Top 100 Most Important GK Questions for Competitive Exams

Top 100 GK Questions and Answers 2017 For Competitive Exams 

1.      Mahatma Gandhi International Centre (MGIC) was recently inaugurated at which of the following country?

A.     Nepal

B.     Sri Lanka

C.     Bangladesh

D.    Myanmar

Answer : B

2.     Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry has recently constituted a 13 member expert committee on Sanskrit, this committee was head by _______.

A.     Dr Ramadorai

B.     Ramesh Bharadwaj

C.     Ved Prakash

D.    N Gopalaswami

Answer : D

3.     South Asian Football Federation Championships 2016 will be hosted at which of the following countries?

A.     India

B.     Pakistan

C.     Malaysia

D.    Sri Lanka

Answer : A

4.     What is the capital of Turkey?

A.     Damascus

B.     Tunis

C.     Ashgabat

D.    Ankara

Answer : D

5.     Who is the 1st player to win the ATP World Tour Finals for 4th Consecutive time?

A.     Sania Mirza

B.     Novak Djokovic

C.     Rafael Nadal

D.    Roger Federer

Answer : B

6.     Which country has won the 8th Men’s Junior Asia Hockey Cup which was held at Kuantan, Malaysia?

A.     Pakistan

B.     India

C.     Japan

D.    Korea

Answer : B

7.     Who is the present Union Rural Development Minister of India?

A.     Chaudhary Birender Singh

B.     Najma Heptullah

C.     Kalraj Mishra

D.    Ananth Kumar

Answer : A

8.    Pacific 2015 International Maritime Conference was hosted at ______.

A.     Australia

B.     Indonesia

C.     Japan

D.    Sri Lanka

Answer : A

9.     Name the veteran journalist, who has been honoured with Ramnath Goenka Lifetime Achivement Award 2015?

A.     A G Noorani

B.     Inder Malhotra

C.     Kuldip Nayar

D.    Ashok Malik

Answer : C

10.What is the currency of Ecuador?

A.     Ecuador Peso

B.     US Dollar

C.     Dinar

D.    Pound

Answer : B

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