what is Biometrics and its use in real life ?

What is Biometrics ?

The term Biometrics derived from the Greek word “Bio” means “Life” and “Metrics” means “to measure” . Biometrics are the technologies for measuring and analyzing a person’s physiological  and behavioral characteristics. These characteristics are unique to individuals which are differs person to person these characteristics are used ti verify and identify person.biometric-face-recognition-3


Examples of Biometric System :

  • Face recognition

    Biometric print
    Biometric Print
  • Finger print
  • Voice recognition
  • Palm Print
  • Hand Geometry
  • Iris recognition
  • Retina
  • DNA
  • Signatures
  • Gait recognition
  • Keystroke



Applications of Biometric System :

  • Commercial : Commercial applications such as computer network login , electronic data security , e-commerce, internet access, ATM , credit card, physical access control, medical records management and distance learning.
  • Government : Government applications such as national ID cards, driver’s license , social security , border control and passport control.
  • Forensic applications : such as corpse identification , criminal investigation and missing children.



Advantages of Biometric System :

  • Enhanced Security
  • Can’t Copied
  • Can’t be Share
  • Accuracy
  • Can’t lost
  • Reduce paper work

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