World’s First Graphene Electronic Paper Developed by China

This is the time for advance technologies Information Technology and other technical departments continuously trying to do something innovative and creative developments and china is doing well in this era. Recently Chinese researchers have developed world’s first graphene electronic paper that will catapult the material to a new level. It was developed by The Guangzhou OED Technologies in partnership with a company in Chongqing Province of China.


About Graphene : 

  • Graphene is the world’s strongest and lightest known material derived from carbon.
  • It can conduct heat and electricity.
  • Its single layer is of 0.335 nanometers thickness.
  • It can be used to create hard or flexible Graphene displays and also can be used in electronic products such as e-readers and wearable smart devices.


Key Facts : 

  • Graphene e-paper is more pliable and has more intensity as compared to traditional e-papers.
  • It has high-light transmittance means optical displays will be much brighter.
  • Compared with liquid crystal displays (LCDs), e-papers are thinner, bendable and energy efficient.


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